Commitment to Community

OAG physicians, CRNAs, and staff are committed to improving patient health and access to care in the communities we serve. We make an impact by donating anesthesia care, participating in mission trips, and donating to like-minded organizations.

Community Health

At OAG, we understand that not everyone has ready access to care. We are committed to helping patients get medical care by donating anesthesia services to patients in need. Patients who are experiencing financial hardship can submit a request to have the charges waved.

We are proud to have donated over a million dollars in anesthesia care in 2017, and will continue to provide care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Partnership With Project Access Now

Project Access NOW works with hospital systems and clinics to provide donated care to the uninsured. OAG has partnered with Project Access NOW for almost ten years to provide anesthesia services to patients in need in Portland and Salem. In 2017, OAG donated over $300,000 in anesthesia care services through Project Access NOW.

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Charitable Giving

OAG also donates to local and international organizations including:

The American Heart Association

Physician Medical Mission Trips

OAG physicians routinely participate in medical mission trips every year. Some recent trips include:

Operation Walk Freedom to Move

Dr. Joe Mahoney, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

The Freedom to Move service trip I did in 2018 was an inspiring experience. The incredible stories the patients shared about their own perseverance combined with their words of intense gratitude is something I will never forget. The resiliency the residents and staff showed at Juan Bosch Traumatology Hospital to providing their patients the highest level of care continues to motivate me to work harder each day. Finally, the surgeons, nurses, techs, and volunteers that composed our team were some of the finest people I’ve had the pleasure to know. I greatly look forward to working with these individuals both at home and abroad in future service oriented endeavors. 

Learn more about Operation Walk Freedom to Move at

Scientific Research

OAG physicians are advancing the field of anesthesia through scientific research. Some recently published articles include:

Dr. David Frey, Providence Portland Medical Center

Virtual Reality Analgesia in Labor: The VRAIL Pilot Study-A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial Suggesting Benefit of Immersive Virtual Reality Analgesia in Unmedicated Laboring Women.


In addition to charitable giving, OAG also supports organizations through sponsorships including:

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