Leaders in Anesthesia

Practicing physicians first, OAG’s doctors are among the most highly educated, experienced anesthesiologists in the country.

Special Expertise

Many of our doctors have formal subspecialty training in areas such as trauma, pediatric, obstetric, cardiac, critical care and pain medicine as well as special expertise in regional anesthesia, outpatient surgery, and bloodless surgery techniques.

We employ innovative, state-of-the-art techniques, including procedures such as regional blocks, to improve patient outcomes and reduce lengths of stay, increasing overall efficiencies for our healthcare partners and care for our patients.

Leadership Roles

OAG anesthesiologists and business professionals often serve in professional leadership roles, contributing their expertise through counsel and participation in government policy formation, nonprofit services, professional development and mission work. We are proud to have among our ranks:

OAG team members also contribute through local leadership and governing roles, serving our partners as medical directors, hospital department chairs, staff presidents and as members of credentialing, quality assurance and physician practice evaluation committees. Our integrated partnership approach reflects our commitment to our communities and our partners.

Our Board

OAG has a nine-member Board of Directors comprised of practicing anesthesiologists who have been elected by OAG’s physician shareholders to guide the group's strategic direction. OAG's Medical Director serves as the ex-officio board member to maintain a balance between business and clinically minded decisions.


Our Corporate Leadership

OAG’s Corporate Leadership Team work together to implement the strategic vision set by the Board of Directors. Together, with the Physician Leadership Team, they combine powerful medical knowledge and current practice standards with prime business acumen.



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