Quality Measures

Providing superior care requires evaluating, understanding and meeting the needs of our patients and partners.

Quality Benchmarks

OAG is at the forefront of quality initiatives.  Early adopters of the PQRI reporting system, we adhere to ASA standards and participate in the tracking and benchmarking of quality metrics.

360 Degree Reviews

To ensure that our anesthesiologists are providing excellent care, OAG has a robust 360 Degree Review process that includes patient satisfaction surveys, chart reviews and feedback from surgeons, nurses and peers.

Quality Assurance

OAG also maintains a Quality and Best Practices Committee committed to continuously improving the quality of care provided to patients. At each practice location, OAG has a designated physician lead responsible for measuring and maintaining the implementation of individualized and robust quality assurance programs that support the needs of our local partners as well as national initiatives.

Our Anesthesiologists

With specialty training in trauma, pediatric, obstetric and cardiac anesthesia, critical care medicine, and bloodless surgery techniques, we provide the best possible care.


Our Solutions

Under constant pressure to reduce costs, maximize efficiencies and improve patient care, OAG partners rely on us for effective solutions that help them meet their goals.



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