Living in Salem

The state capital of Oregon definitely belongs on the list of the best family towns in Oregon.

Salem capitol building at sunset
Willamette University in Salem, Oregon

Health Care and Higher Education

Reflecting the community’s investments in a healthy, educated population, Salem is home to nationally recognized Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics and boasts a wealth of area higher education offerings.

Located within an hour of Salem are several universities, colleges, and vocational schools that provide undergraduate and graduate programs—including highly regarded nursing programs. This makes for a ready and willing workforce that keeps Salem growing.

kids eating snow cones at Oregon summer festival

Small Town Feel with City Amenities

Along with its pleasant neighborhoods and short commutes, Salem also offers a variety of activities, dining experiences, sports tournaments, night life fun, and regional wilderness areas to explore. Families enjoy the festivals and fairs, art exhibits, parks and concerts.

Here you can find a more affordable cost-of living experience, especially when compared to nearby Portland. Salem residents value the family-friendly ambiance and the vibrancy of the city’s diverse population.


Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Just an hour south of Portland, Salem is nestled in the lush Willamette River valley. Residents enjoy being surrounded by green pastures, fields of flowers, gardens, orchards, and vineyards.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of reasons to get out into nature including 46 parks, numerous water activities, hiking trails, horseback riding. Day trip options are plentiful - visit the ocean, mountains, waterfalls, and more.