Why OAG?

OAG is more than a contract anesthesia service. We are a physician-owned practice that focuses on being a partner, an ally, and foremost, a solutions provider.

We Help Drive Results

Our partners, whether hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers or office-based practices, find that teaming with OAG helps provide:

  • Improved patient safety, comfort and satisfaction
  • Improved operating room processes and management
  • Optimized cost efficiencies and use of resources
  • Positive, productive working relationships
  • Enhanced surgical team relationships and satisfaction
  • Minimized risk of liability

We Provide Value

At OAG we draw on our extensive experience to develop staffing plans and protocols that minimize case cancellations, reduce turnover times and maximize the use of operating room resources. Our anesthesia leadership teams actively collaborate with administrators to help select the proper equipment and supplies needed for providing effective anesthesia and pain management.

We are Proven

We have earned our reputation for quality.  OAG physicians perform more than 140,000 anesthetics each year, still ninety-eight percent of our patients surveyed have said they would refer a loved one to us.

We are Leaders

Nearly 25 percent of our physicians have formal sub-specialty training in trauma, pediatric, obstetric and cardiac anesthesia or pain and critical care medicine. In addition, many have expertise in regional anesthesia, outpatient surgery, and bloodless surgery techniques. We employ state-of-the art techniques to improve patient outcomes and reduce lengths of stay.

We Collaborate for Success

OAG’s success is the result of a powerful collaboration between skilled anesthesiologists and business professionals. By providing practice  management, professional licensing and credentialing, and other administrative support, our corporate staff enable our anesthesiologists to focus on what matters most: providing value through superior patient care.







Anesthesia Leaders

OAG anesthesiologists build upon already exceptional credentials by pursuing additional specialty training and exploring medical innovations. We employ state-of-the art techniques to improve patient outcomes and reduce lengths of stay.



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