About OAG

OAG anesthesiologists deliver proven anesthesia and perioperative care carefully tailored to the unique needs of each patient and healthcare partner.

History of Success

Since our founding in 1989, OAG has been the leader in anesthesia care in the Pacific Northwest. We provide anesthesiology and pain management in hospitals, surgery centers and office-based practices. As a physician-owned practice, we continue to advance with an expanding team of more than 270 expert anesthesiologists, trained in some of the top medical schools and residency programs in the country.

Impressive Credentials

Nearly 25 percent of our physicians have formal sub-specialty training in trauma, pediatric, obstetric and cardiac anesthesia, and pain and critical care medicine. In addition, many have expertise in regional anesthesia, outpatient surgery, and bloodless surgery techniques.

Compassionate Care

Whether providing anesthesia care during a straight-forward procedure or a Level 1 trauma resuscitation, OAG physicians are dedicated to safeguarding patient health and comfort.

Providing perioperative care means we’re with our patients through each facet of their procedures. We plan and personalize their care during the pre-op visits, closely monitor, evaluate and regulate their medications and life functions during the procedures, and monitor and manage recovery from anesthesia after procedures. We are our patients’ medical advocates during their procedures; we want to provide the best care for them.

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Our Anesthesiologists

With specialty training in trauma, pediatric, obstetric and cardiac anesthesia, critical care medicine, and bloodless surgery techniques, we provide the best possible care.



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